Friday Night Doubles

2020-21 Friday Night Doubles Curling will begin on Friday, November 20

The Carlyle Curling Club will be offering doubles curling on Friday nights. Join us at the club for Mixed Doubles at 7 PM.

  • $10 for non-members
  • No obligation
  • Starts at 7 PM
  • Teams, individuals, all ages and skill levels welcome
  • COVID-19 restrictions are in effect and may change.

Contact the club to register.

We can’t exceed recommended numbers, due to COVID-19 restrictions. Please contact us through the website, Facebook, or directly at the Curling Club.

Links for doubles curling

Notes on how to play

  • Rocks are positioned before the start of play
    • Option 1: a centre guard and rock biting the back button
    • Option 2: a corner guard and rock buried, mid twelve-foot, above the tee
  • Teams throw 5 rocks
    • One player delivers the first and last rock
    • The other player delivers the middle three rocks
  • No take-outs for the first 3 rocks
    • The fourth rock thrown in an end is the first one that may remove a rock from play
  • Sweeping
    • Either player can sweep. But only one player may sweep a rock. No switching. No sweeping your opponents’ rock. This is our interpretation of the COVID recommendations for Curling

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